Run to End Poverty 2011

[Latest update]

Last year I was invited to join the Run to End Poverty with about six days notice. I eagerly agreed to participate because of the cause, not because I was a runner. I was encouraged to set a “finishing time” goal of less than two hours. I have never been much of a runner, unless you count chasing the bus for two blocks to save waiting for the next one. At no point did it occur to me that this lack of experience would impede my ability to complete a half marathon (21 km) in under two hours without any training. I maintain that we as humans can accomplish seemingly unrealistic goals if we just commit and persevere.

I showed up on race day clad in purple booty shorts and a stylish sun visor. And I started to run. I poured everything I had into it. I got tired quickly and my body began screaming at me. I have often stated that we make our own reality. In mine, the mind is in control and the body is its servant. Around kilometre sixteen or seventeen the pain level climbed a few notches which spurred me to run faster and get this damn thing over with. I later discovered this sensation was my kidney blowing out and beginning to bleed into my urinary system. Oops. I guess I should have trained. I finished in 1:49:38. Goals achieved.

After blood tests, pokes, prods, scans, pain, probings, and examinations in greater excess than I care to recall, I am back at full operating power!

It also seems I misunderstood the fine print. My run did not end poverty. But our team DID raise almost $30,000 in support of EWB’s Water and Sanitation work in Malawi!

This year I have a two goals for the run on June 26, 2011: 1) faster time and 2) no organ failure.

I am pretty sure I can nail the first one on my own. I want your help with the second one. I commit to running one training kilometre per dollar pledged. I will even let you know when I run your kilometres. Please pledge soon; I don’t want to run 200 km the week of the race. Every dollar you donate gives my kidney a better chance of staying in one piece.


3 Responses to Run to End Poverty 2011

  1. Bruce says:

    Excellent Kaan, you’re my hero!

  2. Vancouver Doug says:

    Amazing photo: who knew that the US Navy had developed a human cruise missile? And that Kaan was their beta model?

  3. Vancouver Doug says:

    PS: I have sent you money, Kaan, but it comes with a condition. 10 kms of the prep running must BE WITH ME (who hasn’t run in 8 months). That’s it. Oh…and you can’t run really fast. That’s it. Oh…and you must wear something purple…and maybe carry one of those ridiculous little umbrellas that they put in mixed drinks. You know the kind…Those are my conditions. Oh… (Gail: “Oh, just shut up, Doug”). Ok.

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