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don’t masticate the equine thoracic testes

Last year on the evening of October 31st, my sister, Ame, was in town for a visit. She and Tess and I decided we would celebrate the autumnal season by roasting some of the exceptionally abundant chestnuts that had fallen … Continue reading

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urban expression

A friend of mine spotted this in Fredericton, NB.

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joseph trutch was a racist bigot

Originally posted on art & thoughts &:
but “the future must be open and uncontained by the past and present, even though it is conditioned by them” grosz 100 stickers : 22 street signs : august 9 – 17 2012…

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I lernd a new word today.   imbibation   It suggests a celebration where one imbibes. Sounds good to me.

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be the jedi you want to see in the world

Folks are rather fond of quoting Gandhi in support of their cause du jour. I figure it is time I jumped on that band wagon. My cause: Gandhi should be officially recognized as a Jedi. My Gandhi quote: “There is … Continue reading

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October 15  is the premier of a film who release I have been eagerly anticipating! The teasers have left me teasing and the trailers have left me trolling. Monday night you will find me at the Rio Theater watching The Occupation … Continue reading

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Getting lapped

This little guy seems to like doing morning laps around the coffee table. He is moving so fast that frames couldn’t capture him. path length around table: about 4 m loops count: at least 10 or 11 while I ate breakfast. … Continue reading

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A Sunday excursion to Lindeman Lake revealed the requisite proof to satisfy me: autumn has fallen.

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