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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was doing a fundraiser in support of the Water and Sanitation work underway by Engineers Without Borders in Malawi. As part of that, I committed to running a kilometer … Continue reading

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Aryan history

Eleven months ago I started a fundraising campaign for a charity race I participated in eight months ago. I boasted I would run a kilometer for every dollar donated. It seems I am still running off the commitments I made … Continue reading

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back in the saddle

After a month without blogging, I declare that I am back. It took an absurdly long time for my knee to fully recover from the abuse it suffered this past summer. I have pretty much been a super lazy ass … Continue reading

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am I still running?

yea, sort of… After the run to end poverty had its climactic conclusion, I sort of retired from the running scene for a bit. My knee was not fully recovered when I began the race and it was way less … Continue reading

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r2ep photos

Some photos from R2EP! More photos of me are here along with a rather anticlimactic video of me crossing the finish line.

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Race day recap

I have had many people calling or emailing me asking about the run on Sunday. Perhaps it is a narrative worth sharing with everyone. I’ll see if I can add some drama to it so I have more fun reliving … Continue reading

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Race day: A job half done…

I finished the course in 1:39:19. I am still alive. With respect to running 1 km for each $1 donated, I have now crossed the 50% mark. I think it is rather poetic to be half done at race day. … Continue reading

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4484 for the win!

The run to end poverty is tomorrow morning. Those of us doing the 21 km race start at 7 am and run from UBC to Stanley Park. (The 5 km runners start there at 9:30 am.) I feel good. I … Continue reading

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danger is my middle name

This morning I ran 7.4 km along the sea wall finishing up the 26 km for Scotty and starting the 50 km for Leanna. People may think running along the sea wall is simple, pleasant, and relaxing. This is not … Continue reading

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Miss Sarah

I miss Sarah but I am excited about the european adventure she is on. I first met Sarah at the Gallery Pub at UBC during the weekly open mic nights as mentioned previously. She has a fabulous singing voice and … Continue reading

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