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Most of the comments I get on my blog are spam. Here are some of the most recent ones (links removed, typos untouched). Heckuva good job. I sure arppecaite it. You’re the one with the bnrais here. I’m watching for … Continue reading

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efficiently lit

This rant is inspired by a recent post about home heating using a heat exchanger technology. The main point was, when use this style of heating, it is actually better energy conservation practice to leave your thermostat at a constant … Continue reading

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dark side of the moon

Watching the lunar eclipse (from the cambie bridge) this morning left me motivated to go on a rant about one of my least favourite terms. The “dark side of the moon.” I am referring to the celestial object not to … Continue reading

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in transit

Yesterday I had a somewhat dramatic bus ride. I boarded the 99 at UBC and began my trek home. I was rather absorbed in the book I am currently reading (Jitterbug Perfume) and rather unaware of the comings and goings … Continue reading

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Walking on glass

I had recently been hobbling around for about a week and a half (just before I started running again). I stepped on some glass that managed to embed itself in my foot. I bounced from clinic to clinic in search of the necessary images … Continue reading

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leveraging lynn

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picking up slack

I went for a morning run in the beautiful sunshine. It was a bit over six kilometers. I wore my gps thinger and the heart rate monitor to see how I would measure up as compared to when I was … Continue reading

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