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in*voke a haiku

My friend Kat makes amazing chocolate. Better than that, she teaches others to make amazing chocolate. As a Kale Spa customer and In*Voke Cacao Raw Chocolate enthusiast, she invited me to offer commentary. Here it is. Three ingredients, Silky smooth and … Continue reading

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It seems that, lately, anytime I go on a bike ride longer than about 15 minutes I go through pretty much the same emotional highs that then get deconstructed through rationalization. It basically goes like this. That person I just … Continue reading

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the average human has one testicle

Stoked to go see The Armstrong Lie next week. Anyone want to join?    

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post-election hats

Today I went shopping with Doug for a new post-election hat; a fine tradition if I ever heard of one. I think Doug is practising for family portraits. This is what it would have looked like if he were at … Continue reading

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think like water

Bob Ross is one of the coolest humans ever. He may be the only force in the universe capable of stopping channel surfers dead in their tracks. This brilliant video commissioned by PBS takes the beautiful soft voice of that man and remixes … Continue reading

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light it up

The media heavily reported Ray Bradbury’s death on the 5th and ironically reduced his life to a series of factoids and partial information devoid of context. Stephen Colbert offered what I think is the best possible tribute to this marvellous and iconic author. He … Continue reading

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space junkie

If you ever want to get (yourself or someone else) pumped on science, I highly recommend the stylings of Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is the director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York. He has a sharp memory for detail and great communication skills … Continue reading

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so damn old

Tiberius survived his Guatemalan internment. We ate cake and talked about Narnia tattoos. We ordered pictures of beer but the server kept getting it wrong.

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Aryan history

Eleven months ago I started a fundraising campaign for a charity race I participated in eight months ago. I boasted I would run a kilometer for every dollar donated. It seems I am still running off the commitments I made … Continue reading

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Today while I was out someone enetered my office and left me four gorgeous carrots. Two went in my tummy before I thought to take a photo. The other two have since joined them. To my mystery benefactor: whoever you … Continue reading

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