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a/version of yourself

Friday night I went to an art opening. “a/version of yourself” by Sophia Bartholomew is now installed at topdown bottomup. In short, the project involves Sophia creating a new shirt for each day of the year. The completed shirts are placed in … Continue reading

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hair loss

It turns out that Keith’s mad skillz with sharp edges are not limited to shredding the pow on skis. He can also handle scissors masterfully. Keith gave me a hair cut last night. This is my new look.

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My two favourite places on the computer to play are stellarium and google earth. This evening I discovered a national geographic collaboration with google earth to integrate some super high resolution images of wildlife into the satellite view. You can see most … Continue reading

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Back in December, when we had our last lunar eclipse, I went off on a rant about the phrase “dark side of the moon.” I pointed out the absurdity of this phrase given that the same side of the moon … Continue reading

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light it up

The media heavily reported Ray Bradbury’s death on the 5th and ironically reduced his life to a series of factoids and partial information devoid of context. Stephen Colbert offered what I think is the best possible tribute to this marvellous and iconic author. He … Continue reading

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Back in second year engineering I had a substantial afro and beard. One day at the campus pub, we unplugged a tv and plugged in a straightening iron. This was the result. My hair is starting to get a bit … Continue reading

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tm chsm

This past weekend was spent in the interior of the province. We camped near the canyon edge in Chasm, BC. This was essentially the view from our tents. (I erased one very central tree from the panorama by merging photos … Continue reading

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