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from russia with love

a report about From Russia With Love done by me I watched the second James Bond film. It is called “From Russia With Love”. At the start James Bond is with his best friend the golfer Silvia Trench who he met in … Continue reading

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max q

After my video post yesterday I got a few questions from a friend: So, why do things entering Earth’s atmosphere tend to burn up (eg, meteors/asteroids) while spaceships [taking off] do not? Is it because the foreign bodies are entering an … Continue reading

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get blasted

Back when I was still high on the excitement from my trip to Florida to watch the final launch of Atlantis I wrote a bit about the pre-launch sequence. The coolest part of the ground sequence, I think, is the … Continue reading

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All that rambling about funky senses, Harry Kemp gets it: The Spring blew trumpets of color; Her Green sang in my brain — I heard a blind man groping “Tap — tap” with his cane; I pitied him in his blindness; … Continue reading

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Having spent some time reflecting on the electroreceptors of the goblin shark I decided to read up on some of the rad senses of non-humans. Here are a few of the highlights. Some sharks have a sense of smell so … Continue reading

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goblin sharks

During a recent trip on BC Ferries I had the pleasure of receiving tutelage from Coastal Naturalist Stefan. He was presenting on the topic of “sharks” and asked what words come to mind. I suggested “godless killing machines”. He agreed … Continue reading

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scavenge that!

The sequel to last year’s scavenger hunt happened last night. I enjoyed it. It is documented here:

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