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Cheeks… as insulation?

Maybe the brain is near the mouth as a means to temperature control. If my brain is feeling cold I crave warm tea, maybe not just for my belly but also to rapidly warm my skull goo. If my brain … Continue reading

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instructions for cukes that want to be pickles

The first step to pickling cukes is stoke. A full measure is best. Step two is ordering 2.27 kg of cukes from Pitchfork Organic Farm. Ensure they will fit into a jar. Step three: have a recipe e-mailed to you via … Continue reading

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A theory that fits the facts

I think flies lay eggs in the bulbs at the factory

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thank you for the promotional material

I have now departed on a journey to the US of A. I will return in two weeks. Before departing I phoned my mobile service provider to arrange a US roaming package. During the “identify the caller” stage of our conversation … Continue reading

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Ancient treasure

I am in Hunnermile sorting through some of the bits I left behind when I first left home to live in Kamloops. Some of the finds have put a solid grin on my face. I found the four install disks … Continue reading

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best name for a kid

What would you name your intersex, eight legged kid? The answer in Croatia is “Octogoat”. This is an amazing name for an unusual variant of nature.   Octogoat. Wow. Too bad you are not expected to live a very long life–you … Continue reading

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yup, it iss live

Some of the things humans do are super rad. Like live streaming video from cameras on the exterior of the International Space Station. Check it:  

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out of the silent deep

I have not posted in a while. Much has been going on. Some perhaps worth writing about. Some perhaps not. This latest turn is too big not to remind people of the omnipresent danger of godless killing machines in the sea. … Continue reading

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Regulus and the occult

Friends living between Toronto and Ontario: Thursday morning is a gnarly opportunity to be part of the first ever crowd sourced astrometric observation experiment! This is so cool. From the planetary society: Just after 2:06 am on Thursday EDT, March … Continue reading


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I learned my age while I was in Toronto. While riding in a taxi with Sean and Jess, we were discussing the recoloured decrepitude that comes with extreme old age. I commented that I had, heretofore, seemingly managed to not … Continue reading

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