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Despite the abundance in Haida Gwaii, it seems dungeness crab is scarce enough to command a mighty price on Granville Island. wowza.

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  Here is another reason to watch the sun set: Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all super tight in the sky at the moment. Also, Mercury is about as bright as it can get – nearly half illuminated.   do … Continue reading

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something fishy

I just joined a Community Supported Fishery. Skipper Otto will be hunting Sockeye on my behalf these next few months. Stoked.  

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apparently I do requests

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post-election hats

Today I went shopping with Doug for a new post-election hat; a fine tradition if I ever heard of one. I think Doug is practising for family portraits. This is what it would have looked like if he were at … Continue reading

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family portrait

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Crazy results. This is all I can really say…

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The road back

i am back in vancouver now. this is the route i took to get here. the trip took about ten days. fun stuff happened. it was sooper gnarly. more on all that later. it took so long to draw all … Continue reading

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Team Karma Turtle

This is what I look like when I am chillin’ with my peeps on a boat in Prince Rupert.

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The bloom at the end

Tonight I leave Haida Gwaii. The full thrust of spring has most plants pushing new shoots or offering flowers and berries. The hemlock is no exception. When my mum was visiting she expressed curiosity that the Haida eat the pith … Continue reading

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