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in*voke a haiku

My friend Kat makes amazing chocolate. Better than that, she teaches others to make amazing chocolate. As a Kale Spa customer and In*Voke Cacao Raw Chocolate enthusiast, she invited me to offer commentary. Here it is. Three ingredients, Silky smooth and … Continue reading

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the joffre posse

This past weekend, to avoid the gnarly avalanche danger, I set off with a wonderful posse into the Joffre Lakes area. There was lots of beautiful. Dan and Courtney did their pre-departure training. Now they are living at a Royal … Continue reading

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a walk in the park

I just returned from three days at diamond head. It was an adventure in support of a research project being done by Miki. She is investigating the effects of crowding on visitor experience in parks and is using this area … Continue reading

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I expect the mountains to dwarf the elfin lakes

I have been selected for a position as a research slackie. I expect that by the end I will be a super pro at human geography stuffs. Miki is doing research into the effects of crowding on experience at BC … Continue reading

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Manning up

Stoked for the race today!

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wake ‘n’ bake

I made Valentine’s Day scones for the ladies.

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piper at the gates of dawn

I found this man playing sailor’s horn pipe in the moonlight on the top deck of a ferry across the salish sea.

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the snake is dead. Booyeah.

FAQ: THE “SNAKE FIGHT” PORTION OF YOUR THESIS DEFENSE. reprinted from McSweeney’s – – – – Q: Do I have to kill the snake? A: University guidelines state that you have to “defeat” the snake. There are many ways to … Continue reading

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I learned my age while I was in Toronto. While riding in a taxi with Sean and Jess, we were discussing the recoloured decrepitude that comes with extreme old age. I commented that I had, heretofore, seemingly managed to not … Continue reading

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