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10 with James

Today was beautiful! I had a relaxed leisurely bicycle ride out to UBC and put in a morning of work in the lab. Then, at noon, I went for a run with James. When he donated $10 he stipulated that … Continue reading

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25 for Ni4ky

I went for a 6.5 km run with my roommate, Dylan, this morning. Then I forced him to take a picture of sweaty me with no shirt on. This completes the 25 km owed to Ni4ky. GPS, heart rate monitor, … Continue reading

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Technologically enhanced

I bought a gps: the Garmin Forerunner 305. This decision was borne out of a desire to get a grip on both my pace and my heart rate. The two are no doubt linked and are probably good metrics of … Continue reading

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I feel like I have made a good start! As of yesterday afternoon I have run about 16 km for $265 pledged. I am more than 6% done. This endeavour is not going to be a problem at all. In … Continue reading

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First 5 km

Today was a busy day filled with research at UBC followed by meetings with Fair Trade Vancouver and then Fair Trade SFU. I finally bicycled home and discovered that $140 has been pledged so far. Gnarly. I figured I should … Continue reading

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and so it begins…

Over last past few days I have been contemplating how I might participate in the Run to End Poverty again this year (it is a half marathon on June 26, 2011) without rupturing any organs. The answer was actually pretty … Continue reading

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