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B’airing witness

We left Vancouver in a haze of smoke; an appropriate reminder for us city folk of the trial facing the rest of the province. Driving north I expected the smoke to get thicker before it got thinner. Just north of … Continue reading

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I finally got back photos for the three rolls of film I brought back from Hunncity a few weeks ago. What bizarre anachronistic hardware this is.   Most of the film was damaged, it turns out, and the photos were mostly … Continue reading

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British Columbia as Westeros

The amazing and talented map maker Andy Cuthbert has redrawn BC as Westeros. Click the image for a large jpg, pdf is here. Descriptions are at the bottom. Please credit accordingly; he says feel free to share.

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Beautiful, still

Early morning adventures anywhere bring with them the privilege of watching the world wake up. This Saturday was no exception. The moisture in Vancouver combined with the warmth of dawn to produce some stunning views. All that rambling to excuse posting … Continue reading

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knight rider

Tonight I loaded up my kitt and went for a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of man… I took some phone photos. They look okay on my tiny screen.

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This duder has taken up a station just outside my front door.

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scavenge that!

The sequel to last year’s scavenger hunt happened last night. I enjoyed it. It is documented here:

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Yup, we found beautiful.

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apparently I do requests

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A balanced lifestyle

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