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Miss Sarah

I miss Sarah but I am excited about the european adventure she is on. I first met Sarah at the Gallery Pub at UBC during the weekly open mic nights as mentioned previously. She has a fabulous singing voice and … Continue reading

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Today I tested out my heels in an orienteering race (rasing money for the Easter Seals). There were loops around three courses set up near the UBC endowment lands (PDF map). It was a total of about 6.2 km, partially … Continue reading

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garden of eatin’

Today was a beautiful day in Vancouver. I wasn’t brave enough to run on these heels but I did do lots of biking! I awoke at Meggles’ home as often happens on a Saturday. I ate some leftover pasta for … Continue reading

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falling down

It has been a run-less week for me. I stumbled playing ultimate last Wednesday and landed quite firmly on my left knee. I was unable to move quickly on it for several days but it was feeling rather better by … Continue reading

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get ruffled

Last Wednesday I had the joy of attending a video release party for the new Ruffled Feathers single, Blueprints For Our Failed Revolution. It was sooooo good. The video can now be found on youtube (and the song is available … Continue reading

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By my own reckoning, fear falls into two categories: rational and irrational. Rational fears are a part of evolutionarily favourable survival-instincts: it makes sense to be afraid of a raging fire moving towards me or the roar of the bear … Continue reading

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Running for Meggles!

Today I ran for Meggles. Having done the spartan race yesterday I was pretty sore this morning. Mostly my shoulders. Alice had similar pains and we figure it might be from hauling the buckets of rocks. Also we both still … Continue reading

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spartan race

Today was the Spartan Race in North Vancouver. It was a five km course with “obstacles”. The first was a jump over fire. Next the course diverted out into the nearby river. Shortly after that I came to a bridge … Continue reading

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running with Nicole

Today I went for a lovely run with Nicole. I am presently about mid way through 50 km for her. It was our first time running together where we were not chasing a frisbee – we play on the team … Continue reading

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Apocalypse bike

After the recent earthquake in Japan emergency preparedness became a hot topic here in Vancouver. Apparently the west coast of bc/washington is due for a real game-ender quake. (The most definitive predictions I found in a quick search was 27% … Continue reading

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