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“the people have spoken”

  The contest has closed and results are in. Thanks to everyone who help me split the odds and and peel across the finish in style. After such an exhausting race I think I will stay in bread until sundae. … Continue reading

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the thistle and the damage undone

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had a fragment of arcane (our-kaan ?) knowledge suggesting there was some kind of antidote for stinging nettles that grew along side them.   A web search for nettle antidotes revealed nothing … Continue reading

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is that a banana in your cape?

Fairtrade Canada is running a photo contest for “best banana” this month. A photo of me at the Vancouver Sun Run, complete with cape, seems to be in second place at the moment. I am not sure what the prize is … Continue reading

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I recommend you use the power of HD to enjoy this microscopic explosim of life in a tea spoon of healthy sea water. This is the stuff eaten by blue wales. The creature shown around 4:19, Phronima, was once featured on … Continue reading

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was doing a fundraiser in support of the Water and Sanitation work underway by Engineers Without Borders in Malawi. As part of that, I committed to running a kilometer … Continue reading

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two out of three ain’t bad

This weekend featured another hike into the unknown. Reconnaissance for this trip was done one year ago. At that time I did not know where I was; I later learned it was Mt Cheam. Saturday morning, Kat and I set out … Continue reading

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the eighth day

Sunday Dave and I hiked Elf Peak in Stein Valley Nlaka’Pamux Heritage Park. From the parked car, the trip took about nine and a half hours (including stops for food and enjoying the view at the top). Here is the route we took on … Continue reading

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fornicating in public

I was out enjoying some sunshine in the courtyard at my home and came across a live sex show. I took photos. I did not learn about the birds.

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Once upon a time, I mounted this steed. I was armed with nothing but a fist full of scotch. Or was it a belly full of scotch and a fist full of mostly-empty-bottle? Only Ni4ky knows. I seem to remember … Continue reading

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the nettle and the damage done

As you may have noticed in the photos from Sunday’s adventure, I was wearing shorts and gaiters. This left a small patch of exposed knee skin between the two. That is the location where the nettles attacked. Herein, I will … Continue reading

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