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North Stein reconnaissance

That banner photo was taken at the edge of the Stein Divide on the western edge of Stein Valley Nlaka’Pamux Heritage Park. The view peers down from Van Horlick Pass to the valley that forms the headwaters for the North Stein river. When taking … Continue reading

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think like water

Bob Ross is one of the coolest humans ever. He may be the only force in the universe capable of stopping channel surfers dead in their tracks. This brilliant video commissioned by PBS takes the beautiful soft voice of that man and remixes … Continue reading

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scavenge this!

Yesterday I was part of a scavenger hunt. I enjoyed it. It is documented here:  

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It is pre-jam season again. While making my pre-jam sandwich for breakfast I was reminded of a slightly rambly e-mail I once wrote in regards to an invitation to join some friends on a bike ride out to a bonfire … Continue reading

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Vancouver living

Last night, around 1 am, I found myself feeding pepto-bismol to a goat while Sophia milked it into her mouth. Not how I expected our evening to go…

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west african space

some people are cluing in that a space program is pretty much always a rad idea….  

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the excuse you were looking for

As of 7:17 pm today Mercury will be in retrograde. It will be in retrograde for just over three weeks. Crazy and unpredictable things can happen, like Bush “winning” an election (November 2000 retrograde) or a stock market crash (October … Continue reading

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aggressive modification of the subconscious

On a recent journey through Three Valley Gap with four friends, we made the collective decision to blur the lines between creepy, astonishing, and intimidating. “The Enchanted Forest” occupies the middle bit of the Venn diagram those three descriptors create. I have heard … Continue reading

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the last spite

On a recent road trip I stopped at “The Last Spike” in Craigellachie, BC. Jason and I decided to re-enact the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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