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observer status

My shoulder is suffering from moderate dysfunction at present. This means I was something of a voyeur on a trip to Vancouver Island this past weekend. While I could not surf, I was able to reflect on academic postulations and … Continue reading

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like a boss

This is what doing awesome stuff with awesome people looks like.

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here be dragons

I found this beauty on the blackberry bushes. Dragonflies are neat.

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looking back

In case you missed it, last week Cassini took some great photos of Earth and its moon while the sun was eclipsed behind Saturn. Beauty way to go, eh. I put up a few of my favourite photos of earth … Continue reading

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Urban harvest

As summer enters full bloom it has become apparent that this home is surrounded by beautiful and nourishing items.

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Doug! wake up!

Realizing that Doug places tremendous faith in the portends of astrology and having learned he has a desire to be kept in the loop if anything big is happening, I have prepared the following report. Uranus turns retrograde TODAY. As … Continue reading

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May the fours be with you

This weekend a group of four of us set out into Tetrahedron Park. Saturday morning Miki, Tess, Katherine (of Midrand, not Katherine of Ontarioville) and I awoke in Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast. The morning began with a skinny … Continue reading

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For the first time since April I have an address. Our wonderful friend Colleen is going to Ghana for six months and we have sublet her place beginning today. It comes with a closet, a bed, a kitchen, a mailbox, … Continue reading

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Trekking into the past

Today an adventure into tetrahedron park begins. When we traveled to the sunshine coast a week ago we sort of knew we would be going hiking a week later but didn’t really think it all through. Specifically, we failed to … Continue reading

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