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double digits

This past weekend was spent hiking and camping on the western edge of the Stein Valley with Team Fred. The plan was to camp at the Van Horlick Creek headwaters and then hike into Stein Park from there. Sara, Megan, … Continue reading

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floridian ops.

This is for Alice and Phil. As you will soon be in Florida it seems appropriate for me to ensure you can factor in the near-term launch schedule for Cape Canaveral. On November 12 SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 … Continue reading

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Completing the masterpiece?

Last night at the scene of a recurring adventure with good food chez Kyle my haircut was brought to an apex of awesome. Dinner was a turbachuck. We put duck inside a chicken, wrapped that in a blanket woven from … Continue reading

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a report about Thunderball done by me I watched the fourth James Bond film. It is called “Thunderball”. Because James Bond didn’t get to kill Number One in From Russia With Love, Number One gets new Number friends and decides … Continue reading

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russian subtitles

After reading a recent article about some change in leadership in the Russian Federal Space Agency (RKA), Shannon noted the Russian space program seemed to be in shambles and asked me what the deal was. As I’m sure she expected, … Continue reading

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transformative experience

I was recently inspired by Kyle to make a change in my personal grooming choices. Kyle, of course, led by example. I decided the best way to honour his beauty was through mimicry. The Russmore Family grooming team assembled in … Continue reading

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a raleigh with scott

I just got back from a few days in Toronto. A highlight of time spent in T town is visiting with Scott and Natalie, their friends, and the adventures that ensue. This trip was no exception. A highlight was that … Continue reading

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bouquet of flour

This summer I signed on to participate in a community supported fishery (CSF) and two community supported agriculture (CSA) endeavours. The CSF provided amazing fresh salmon for the past several months, supports local small scale fishermen, offered filleting classes, and helped … Continue reading

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