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It seems that, lately, anytime I go on a bike ride longer than about 15 minutes I go through pretty much the same emotional highs that then get deconstructed through rationalization. It basically goes like this. That person I just … Continue reading

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captain stinky pants and associates

Monday night I enjoyed a Dine Out Vancouver soirée at Libra Room. That part was great. While there, Miki introduced a topic that made me smile. She informed us she is on a 12 step program to becoming a cyclist. … Continue reading

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The view out my bedroom window this morning was stunning. A crescent moon hung in the corner with Saturn above it shining brightly. Antares, one of the brightest stars in the sky, was visible in the lower left. As I … Continue reading

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British Columbia as Westeros

The amazing and talented map maker Andy Cuthbert has redrawn BC as Westeros. Click the image for a large jpg, pdf is here. Descriptions are at the bottom. Please credit accordingly; he says feel free to share.

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synergetic ideation

As a citizens of a bilingo country, all Canadians are expected to be able to insert jargon or slang from more than one discipline or culture into casual conversation. The trick is finding the right combination of lingo to throw … Continue reading

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Beautiful, still

Early morning adventures anywhere bring with them the privilege of watching the world wake up. This Saturday was no exception. The moisture in Vancouver combined with the warmth of dawn to produce some stunning views. All that rambling to excuse posting … Continue reading

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tied up in silk

My last few hours in Toronto this week were spent joining the circus. My wonderful friend Sylvia invited me to join her at the Flying Arts Collective. I have known a few folks who were into silk aerial work (such as … Continue reading

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I really wanted to discover this was a hoax…

To quote the opening paragraph:   The National Energy Board and Department of Fisheries and Oceans have entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding regarding fish and fish habitat. Through this Memorandum Of Understanding, the National Energy Board will now be responsible … Continue reading

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afternoon wisdom

I think clocks would be more efficient if they only spent electricity moving the hands uphill, from 6 to 12, and then charged their batteries going back downhill again from 12 to 6 using regenerative braking just like in that … Continue reading

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While in Kamloops last week I had the joy of participating in a bourbon tasting substantially empowered by brother. I made some notes of things people said about each. We sampled them from shortest to tallest bottle. You can use … Continue reading

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