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Day two – so many blueb’s

Today’s delightful obligation has been the collection and consumption of sugar packaged in oblate spheroids. The experience was complemented by relaxing with friends on a hot day. Searching for crayfish using toes for bait is a thrill not for the … Continue reading

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Quote of the week

“I love candy so much.”

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I am in Kamloops helping lay some new flooring at Instinct Adornment / Arwen’s Apparel. I now have sore knees.    

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A, B, Sees

For the last couple of nights we have stayed with Brendan and Doris. Their place is lovely and in the heart of San Francisco. The walls are filled with super hip art, like the piece featured below. They were wonderful … Continue reading

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For those that have missed it during its initial release at the Rio, you can now view The Occupation on vimeo. A documentary by Rafferty Baker and Matthew J. Van Deventer

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in*voke a haiku

My friend Kat makes amazing chocolate. Better than that, she teaches others to make amazing chocolate. As a Kale Spa customer and In*Voke Cacao Raw Chocolate enthusiast, she invited me to offer commentary. Here it is. Three ingredients, Silky smooth and … Continue reading

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wake ‘n’ bake

I made Valentine’s Day scones for the ladies.

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While in Kamloops last week I had the joy of participating in a bourbon tasting substantially empowered by brother. I made some notes of things people said about each. We sampled them from shortest to tallest bottle. You can use … Continue reading

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Ninja karate lessons

Last weekend in Kamloops I had the privilege of receiving ultimate awesome lessons from a pro: Carson. Many of the secrets cannot be divulged here. Some can. Lesson one: invisibility. Even when you are performing seemingly routine tasks, ninjas are … Continue reading

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This duder has taken up a station just outside my front door.

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