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Day two – so many blueb’s

Today’s delightful obligation has been the collection and consumption of sugar packaged in oblate spheroids. The experience was complemented by relaxing with friends on a hot day. Searching for crayfish using toes for bait is a thrill not for the … Continue reading


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Day one – the birds and the beers

Today I begin 8 weeks of leave from employment. The transition last night was stark as my mind was suddenly ready to let go of things related to building robots. The space rapidly filled with a host of planning that … Continue reading

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two minutes for icing

Gingerbread cookies were decorated. Maximum props to Maria for being the architect of the endeavour. This is some of the result.

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floridian ops.

This is for Alice and Phil. As you will soon be in Florida it seems appropriate for me to ensure you can factor in the near-term launch schedule for Cape Canaveral. On November 12 SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 … Continue reading

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think like water

Bob Ross is one of the coolest humans ever. He may be the only force in the universe capable of stopping channel surfers dead in their tracks. This brilliant video commissioned by PBS takes the beautiful soft voice of that man and remixes … Continue reading

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A Victorian Adventure

I had a marvelous weekend in Victoria packed with adventure. As soon as I arrived on Friday I met up with Annelies for a scrumptious chocolate tart. They were so good I think she may have laced them with unicorn … Continue reading

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seven sweaty sessions

As per request I spent time in the sauna over seven consecutive days: Wednesday June 22 through Tuesday June 28. It was a great way to rest and heal my knee in anticipation of the race. It was also a … Continue reading

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Playing catch up

Despite some long breaks, my knee is still giving me a lot of trouble. I felt guilty about blogging without running so there has been a void in the webspace for this very busy week. All kinds of things have … Continue reading

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I am ostensibly running for Scotty at the moment. Rather than go for a run together we went for a drive together. We kept on driving until we got to Kalamalka Lake. We cruised up to Predator Ridge and entered … Continue reading

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garden of eatin’

Today was a beautiful day in Vancouver. I wasn’t brave enough to run on these heels but I did do lots of biking! I awoke at Meggles’ home as often happens on a Saturday. I ate some leftover pasta for … Continue reading

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