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you only live twice

a report about You Only Live Twice done by me I watched the sixth James Bond film a while ago but didn’t write about it until now. It is called “You Only Live Twice” or #YOLT. Although the film was written … Continue reading

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better than awesome.

A good friend of mine read this one somewhere on the net last week. How high flies the eagle And its mate Passing mountains, Puny and low Yet ramparts still. Below them myriad life In complex forms and paths Roaring … Continue reading

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hip replacement

Big Rock is now making a spruce tip ale. It’s pretty good, but not as good as the stuff Jesse makes.     Kevin and Eric, take note.

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hair today gone tomorrow

My hair is now the shortest it has been in a very long time. It hasn’t been this short since Mike gave me my special cut for grad photos. All the scars on my skull are visible, including the one … Continue reading

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knoxed up

Having given up on white tips of my hair, I moved on to the most critical part of the adventure. Time to get my hair big enough to warrant a trip to the driver licensing office. The tool of choice … Continue reading

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another way to do trial and error

Undeterred from the prior day’s failed attempt to dye the tips of my hair white, further advice has been considered, and a new approach to trial and error is documented herein. It’s hydrogen peroxide time. Do not confuse this with … Continue reading

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how to do trial and error

It is driver license renewal season again. That means I once again have great power to craft a visage that will be the first impression for authority figures who want to make arguments with me. As spiderman’s uncle once said, “With … Continue reading

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stopping to smell the cosmic flowers

Back in July I got all excited about a photo taken by Cassini, of Earth and its moon, while the sun was eclipsed behind Saturn. It was part of a bigger project to assemble a mosaic similar to one done … Continue reading

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Let our powers combine

I think we are at an historic crossroads in the history of political shitstorms in Canada. There is a beautiful opportunity here to combine forces and form a super storm. I think Harper should appoint Rob Ford as Senator responsible … Continue reading

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knight rider

Tonight I loaded up my kitt and went for a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of man… I took some phone photos. They look okay on my tiny screen.

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