Soft boiled eggs


This recipe originates here for me.


Step 1: boil water

Bring a pot of water to a boil with enough water to cover the eggs by about an inch.

Step 2: put in the eggs gently at a simmer

Reduce the heat to low and use a skimmer to gently place the eggs in the water. By reducing the heat to low, you’ll prevent the eggs from bouncing around and cracking. Then, turn the heat back up to a boil.

Step 3: time it!

Immediately set a timer and cook the eggs according to how soft or hard you’d like them. Here’s my general description of how long to boil eggs:

Step 4: get them out and chilled

6 minutes: A liquidy yolk and soft white. This is perfect for eggs served in an egg cup.
6.5 minutes: A soft, jammy yolk. This is my favourite for eggs on toast or soft boiled eggs on a salad.
8 minutes: A soft yolk but firm enough to hold its own.
10 minutes: The early stages of a hard boiled egg, with just a smidge of softness in the middle.
12 minutes: A hard boiled egg with a lighter yolk.
14 minutes: Your traditional hard boiled egg with the lightest yolk and a firm white, but not overcooked.
Once the eggs have cooked, immediately place them in a ice water bath to stop them from cooking and maintain your perfect texture.