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living on the edge

I recall playing a wonderful yard game as a small child: lawn darts. They got banned for sale in the US and Canada when I was still wee, so unless you bought them before the ban, they are not easy … Continue reading

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I finally got back photos for the three rolls of film I brought back from Hunncity a few weeks ago. What bizarre anachronistic hardware this is.   Most of the film was damaged, it turns out, and the photos were mostly … Continue reading

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On the drive home from the Stein Dave and I decided to explore the old Alexandra bridge. It was built in 1926 as part of the Fraser Canyon Highway and was removed from service in 1964 when the Trans Canada … Continue reading

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Sunday night, after the weekend crew had started their journey back to Vancouver, Dave, Thomas, and I began a separate journey exploring a part of the Stein none of us had previously explored. We wound our way up a lovely … Continue reading

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making some introductions

This weekend started with what is, for me, always been a great omen: a view of the Thompson / Fraser confluence. It generally means a view of this follows shortly after. This trip up the Stein valley had a delightful … Continue reading

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A theory that fits the facts

I think flies lay eggs in the bulbs at the factory

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I am in Kamloops helping lay some new flooring at Instinct Adornment / Arwen’s Apparel. I now have sore knees.    

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one thousand awesomes

Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Carson. One of the few consistencies in my life is that this man has new and unforeseeable learnings for me each time we meet. Today’s lesson was spectacular: … Continue reading

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a poem

My friends threw me a surprise birthday party yesterday. It was a lovely gathering. This marvelous poem was presented to me by the wonderful Lauren and Charlie.

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getting hawt and whet

Just south east of Portland there is a wonderful rift in the earth through which the hot water bubbles. The journey to Bagby Hot Springs is an easy drive down paved Forest Service Roads. Once parked, the walk in a about … Continue reading

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