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a report about Goldfinger done by me I watched the third James Bond film. It is called “Goldfinger”. This one doesn’t so much have goodies and baddies – it mostly has idiots and douchebags. The main idiot is named Auric … Continue reading

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the average human has one testicle

Stoked to go see The Armstrong Lie next week. Anyone want to join?    

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FA – a long long way to go

This is a flora in the yard. Latin name bushtreeplantus greenus. Notice the fauna in the bottom left of the photo. That light dot is a snail. It is over a half metre above the ground and over a metre … Continue reading

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Space wizard awesome

This weekend I went to the wedding of Brad and Tria on Vancouver island. I bicycled there with Kat. It was a beauty ride. A highlight of the trip was staying with Kristina and her wonderful family for a couple … Continue reading

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The weekend was spent embroiled in a bicycle adventure on Saltspring Island with Team Ruckleberry Finn. Saturday morning I set off with Mike, Lizzy, Tess, a treasure map, and four tickets to paradise. We biked down to Tsawwassen and then … Continue reading

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lost in translation

After receiving a horridly composed spamish e-mail today, it was decided that there was some fun to be had with google translate. Results follow. I input the following narrative: Kaitlynn and Len came over for breakfast today. Len brought mangos … Continue reading

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I put the question out there and you have answered! First, the demographics. I had responses from 15 different genders, the most unexpected of which was “taupe”. I had responses from 16 difference ages, 13 of which involved numbers. People … Continue reading

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I am learning about taupe. You can help me by answering these questions: — Results compiled here. I have stopped checking for new responses now, so if you leave one, let me know in the comments section below!

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fukushima radiation spillage!

There has been a lot of news recently about the radiation leaking from the Fukushima plant into the ocean. I read a variety of articles on the topic but found I still didn’t really comprehend in an intuitive way the … Continue reading

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