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B’airing witness

We left Vancouver in a haze of smoke; an appropriate reminder for us city folk of the trial facing the rest of the province. Driving north I expected the smoke to get thicker before it got thinner. Just north of … Continue reading

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Day three – sunset over the Fraser

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Day two – so many blueb’s

Today’s delightful obligation has been the collection and consumption of sugar packaged in oblate spheroids. The experience was complemented by relaxing with friends on a hot day. Searching for crayfish using toes for bait is a thrill not for the … Continue reading

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Day one – the birds and the beers

Today I begin 8 weeks of leave from employment. The transition last night was stark as my mind was suddenly ready to let go of things related to building robots. The space rapidly filled with a host of planning that … Continue reading

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Cheeks… as insulation?

Maybe the brain is near the mouth as a means to temperature control. If my brain is feeling cold I crave warm tea, maybe not just for my belly but also to rapidly warm my skull goo. If my brain … Continue reading

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instructions for cukes that want to be pickles

The first step to pickling cukes is stoke. A full measure is best. Step two is ordering 2.27 kg of cukes from Pitchfork Organic Farm. Ensure they will fit into a jar. Step three: have a recipe e-mailed to you via … Continue reading

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urban green space

I’m not sure why these moments of irony intrigue me… but they seem to. I assume this was part of a bicycle theft. Lesson: locking to trees is risky. I assume this is what happens if you haven’t the proper … Continue reading

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A tharly day

On the summit of mount thar with Sebastian and Kat. It has the beauty.

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To engage with the journey is to become one with it.

The grid is aglow with a resonance cascade. Non-locality is a constant. You must take a stand against ego. Joy is the richness of science, and of us. Nothing is impossible. By evolving, we exist. Inspiration requires exploration. Consciousness consists … Continue reading

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Danger tree

Upon arriving in Kamloops today I lay under a tree for a moment of shade. As I gazed up at the perilous fruit above me I couldn’t help but recognize how cool I was under threat of impalement.

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