What an amazing place to exist.

This morning on my (6.2 km) run I experienced a litany of contradictory weather. Dark storm clouds but blinding sunshine. Wet roads but no puddles. Strong winds but no gusts. Thunder and lightning but no rain.

It is hard to do it justice with a photo when my eyes couldn’t sort it out.

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  1. nala7299 says:

    stunning photo!! it’s super fabulous to hear not only about your impressive daily progress, but to also see the pictorial journals of your treks. keep up the amazing work. your enthusiasm is being well-directed in this venture. i am inspired and hope others will be too. i started running a few years ago for not only fitness and personal reasons, but for the sake of raising money and awareness for the environment in the earth run. it is very humbling, enlightening, and motivating to have a bigger picture to focus upon.

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