Intro to quantum mechanics and wave-particle harmonics

For anyone interested in my research at UBC, here is a good introduction…

If a rocket was projected as a wave pattern, setting up harmonics such that they reconstitute the original relationship at another point of space/time, any variations could be sorted by a ‘key’ included to ensure the reconstruction was identical. If so, a flight to our nearest star, being only four and a half light years away, would effectively only take 4.5 years. Harmonic travel is impossible and I am making it up as I go along but if we did land on new planets, I would like there to be sexy girl aliens.

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3 Responses to Intro to quantum mechanics and wave-particle harmonics

  1. Alice! says:

    And boy aliens. Also, cool moon rocks.

  2. Mike says:

    Keep up the research Kaan, the alternative is going backwards fifty year’s to the nuclear folley day’s like the “Orion” project.
    Build a 4,000 ton steel, bullet shaped interstellar vehicle, throw aloft by ejecting nuclear charges.
    Now would’nt that have been a lift of to see through #11 welder’s goggles, and then gettting a corn broom brush off of the dust “particles”?

  3. Vancouver Doug says:

    Sounds like Big Bang stuff to me. Your other name wouldn’t be Sheldon, by chance?

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