I, scooter, technically, guest blog now (avec rifffflandia totally pilsner) to discuss manners of the night that it was.

So when you go to the arain in the dark, be sure to  bering a yur friends and a camera. the rain helps to but a drink will still come in handy becasue you cant drink it. and now Some perspextice:

lets start woth picking up your riend from the far norte. he drove most of the way so that was good. but that made him hungary like a wolf, he has a photo of ones paw print, its nice. then you pick up his girl, with th e kat in the car, from her school of apple mac, then proceed to eat the tandoor pizza and such. fine times all around. I’m sorry for improper capitalization, it”s my only flwa.

luckyily it was a successful night and kyle felt warmed by our warmth and good times wree had. So kana was busy while there was happeneinf . scooter max. soorry that sentence didn’t fit in but its me. but we need to discuss kaano’s prioer engagement because he was powereinf the gnar of the celebrations of the 4-0 anniversary of the green-peace movenemt on jericho beach, yup, he and his fine flat mate dylan–of burning men fame, supplied the 100%, most all cleanand fossil free elec-tricitty for the event, via solar power. This happended, I say quite prowdly, despite the rain that fell and the cloud-shine that glowed dimly lut. Nevertheless, the power flowed and the celebration of greenpeace was a success most grand!

Then Kaano drove back on his scikle to take in the also important, very much so, but less worldwide event of kylie’s return so we went to the park with kat and me for furtherphoto extrapolation of the nights verve de esprit, dans le rain so that lie down kisses may ensue between him and the lady meggles, mas fina. And for you we made these photoblogs and I hope you will most greatly enjoy with viewing pleasure and happinesses.

Another inmportant issue here is that we collectively spak to acouple of important–pretty damn improtant, actually, folks tonight. Gunn and D. Boland . Gunn runs a ranch and makes chickens that are blue but also she is just the epitome of all thinks fine and lovely and amazling ad wicked cool. Her ranch is out of this land and back and beyind. D. Boland is in Ghanda which is in China or Afirica, you decide. And let me tell you, this guy gets the job done. He is engineering the data of the people with unbridled fierceness and the results are somethin else. So we talked to them and it was quite nice, in the rain. and the resulting exploits hithertoo ensued:


wet wacky and wild but not weak nor weary

dodging a bulletflare of sky fire


pouncing the night, from above, to below


wirth my legs in the air cause i just dont have to foll ow the gravity

No relation, except kinda and yeah when asked.

15 second exposures in the nightraimn.:

in the park, sunnyside park, a miracle occured…

sparks transfortransudated and daylight shon upon us despite the clokc insisting it was well post-midnight and not near sunrise.

bridges were crossed.

mountains were mounted…and good times were had here and there, then and now forward.

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5 Responses to gnarain

  1. Gunn says:

    I’m amazed how sober you sounded when you called, but it was probably pre-uber gnarness. I missed you terribly last night, and even more-so this morning.

  2. kaan says:

    Thank you Scott for this amazing and eloquent retelling of last night’s adventures. You are welcome to blog here any time you please.

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