santaween devastation

My dreams were recently reduced to a smouldering rubble.

I have far more emotional investment in Hallowe’en than Mythmas. This year I thought I might merge them. At Hallowe’en I typically dress as someone I perceive to be a superhero. Usually someone who wears a cape. Santa is a big enough hero that I was ready to dress as him despite his usual lack of cape.

I had begun the process of growing my hair and beard long to facilitate this masquerade adventure. I called upon my friend Shannon in Kamloops for help as she is a hair dresser of much repute. After outlining my plan to her I waited excitedly while she considered my requirements. In what may have been the most heart wrenching moment in my recent personal history, she reduced my santaween dreams to a smouldering rubble.

Shannon thinks that dying my hair and beard white will require such a strong bleach that it may badly burn my skin. Even if I am soooo tough (like santa) that I can deal with that, it may all just go yellow and dead. Dreams = rubbled.

But they smoulder yet. She has been given that task of monitoring hair and beard dying technology for the next 30 years. If technology catches up with my dreams, I will revisit santaween.

I now open the floor for alternate Hallowe’en outfit suggestions.

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2 Responses to santaween devastation

  1. Janine Reid says:

    Haha this is amazing. Thanks for making me laugh. Dress as Ghandi. Not sure if he ever used his robes as a cape, but those glasses (goggles) were pretty badass and I’m sure you could make it fly.

  2. dan says:

    Hmmmm… I’ll ponder the costume, but in the meantime, not sure if it will work for your hair though!

    Possibly an opportunity to create a superhero? Fair Tradosaurus?

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