My two favourite places on the computer to play are stellarium and google earth.

This evening I discovered a national geographic collaboration with google earth to integrate some super high resolution images of wildlife into the satellite view. You can see most of it in google maps too but sometimes it won’t let you zoom in as far..

If you have Earth installed, go to these coordinates: 10.90365, 19.93385.

If you want a peak at a herd of elephants in Chad, go to those coordinates in Maps, flip to satellite mode and zoom right in. Or here is a link.

At maximum zoom you can see tails, tusks, and ears. Super neat.

At these coordinate [-13.702259, 31.141429] you will find a pod of hippos in the Luangwa River, Zambia.


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1 Response to eplay

  1. tess says:

    The elephants look alarmingly like rats from above!

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