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I watched Gravity. In 3D. It is super rad. I found myself ducking debris at least twice. There have been a whole host of people that have praised and criticized the science in this film. I mostly got hung up … Continue reading

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you only live twice

a report about You Only Live Twice done by me I watched the sixth James Bond film a while ago but didn’t write about it until now. It is called “You Only Live Twice” or #YOLT. Although the film was written … Continue reading

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max q

After my video post yesterday I got a few questions from a friend: So, why do things entering Earth’s atmosphere tend to burn up (eg, meteors/asteroids) while spaceships [taking off] do not? Is it because the foreign bodies are entering an … Continue reading

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warped imaginiation

Did you know it is mathematically possible to effectively transport an object (or person) faster than the speed of light? It just can’t travel faster than the speed of light in the process. Make sense? I have been trying to … Continue reading

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40 years of waiting

Today is the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 17 (9:33 pm PST). It remains humanity’s most recent journey to the moon. In my view, that is an astonishingly long lasting lack of interest in sending people to places … Continue reading

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west african space

some people are cluing in that a space program is pretty much always a rad idea…. http://atlantablackstar.com/2012/07/10/nigeria-and-ghana-hope-to-gain-millions-for-development-through-space-programs/  

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space junkie

If you ever want to get (yourself or someone else) pumped on science, I highly recommend the stylings of Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is the director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York. He has a sharp memory for detail and great communication skills … Continue reading

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Aryan history

Eleven months ago I started a fundraising campaign for a charity race I participated in eight months ago. I boasted I would run a kilometer for every dollar donated. It seems I am still running off the commitments I made … Continue reading

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dark side of the moon

Watching the lunar eclipse (from the cambie bridge) this morning left me motivated to go on a rant about one of my least favourite terms. The “dark side of the moon.” I am referring to the celestial object not to … Continue reading

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Video: night flight over the earth

What do you do with your “spare time” when working on the International Space Station? How about shoot some time-lapse video and set it to music. Here is a rough cut of the latest piece that Ron Garan is working … Continue reading

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