Once upon a time, I mounted this steed. I was armed with nothing but a fist full of scotch. Or was it a belly full of scotch and a fist full of mostly-empty-bottle? Only Ni4ky knows. I seem to remember being accosted by a child who wanted a go on the horse. It was my go and I made sure be knew waiting would be required. Ni4ky fed the horse quarters. I guess it was a quarter horse?

Later I got lost downtown and Dylan rescued me. Then I threw 3 balls at the commodore bowling lanes. Also I slept on a bench for a while.

That was when I was young and foolish.

Now I am old and foolish.

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2 Responses to Stallion

  1. gunn says:

    hahaha quarter horse…

  2. ni4ky says:

    Cannot wait to enjoy scotch and quarter horses with you again!

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