A death leads to a murder


This photo was taken this afternoon in horseshoe bay. The crow laying on the ground took an electrical arc to the head, hit the ground with a thud (2 meters from me), had one final twitch, then lay still. That was the sad or tragic part I bore witness to. What followed was cool.

The nearby crows began cawing with fervor. Over the course of the next five minutes the noise grew as they alighted nearly every available perch: power lines, trees, sign posts, etc. The sound grew in magnitude. I described the prologue to a confused group dining on the patio near where I stood and a gentleman likened it to a celebration of life. It felt more like a wake.

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2 Responses to A death leads to a murder

  1. Pancake Doug says:

    Somehow, for no good reason, it reminds me of “Death At A Funeral”, coincidentally an all-Black (almost) comedy.

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