sore like an eagle

After a weekend of getting pummeled by waves, I am a hurtin’ unit today. I have aches in my most of me.

Victory in the Pacific Rim

This was my third or fourth time surfing and it was a load of fun as usual.

Fun facts:

  • I got water injected into my ears and nose at high speed several times.
  • During evening revelry sometimes saltwater would spontaneously drain from my sinuses down the front of my shirt leading to awkward conversational pauses.
  • No surfboard to the head this time. Also, no fin-lines left on my body.
  • I attributed my mid-afternoon acid reflux entirely to a belly full of brine despite the ocean being ~96% fresh water and the prior night’s belly full of beer being only ~95% fresh water.
  • Once, for about a second, I rode the glory part of the wave where it is steep downhill and not yet broken. Then I hit the water face first as usual.
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4 Responses to sore like an eagle

  1. klidston says:

    Despite the glowing report, I feel as though I missed out! Sounds epic Kaan.

  2. Lmao over here. Thanks for the update Kaan. I especially enjoy imagining you emptying your sinuses in a very unintentional way.

  3. did you wear your red “shorts?”

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