Getting lapped

This little guy seems to like doing morning laps around the coffee table.

He is moving so fast that frames couldn’t capture him.


go spidey go!

path length around table: about 4 m

loops count: at least 10 or 11 while I ate breakfast. Lets say 11.

total distance traveled: 44 m

his body span: about 6 cm

my body span: about 183 cm

equivalent distance: 22.4 km

what the shit?!? that little duder pounded out an obstacle-filled half marathon while I ate breakfast.


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1 Response to Getting lapped

  1. Alice! says:

    Yeah, well, that “little duder” recently got evicted. For not paying rent. And for being discovered ON MY PILLOW. I don’t care if he is an athlete…. NO ONE uses my pillow.

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