joseph trutch was a racist bigot

I really like the first of the two letters to the Vancouver Sun.

art & thoughts &

but “the future must be open and uncontained by the past and present, even though it is conditioned by them” grosz

100 stickers : 22 street signs : august 9 – 17 2012 :

cbc television : the georgia straight online here & here : the vancouver sun article with letters here & here & here : the times colonist : though with little mention of ongoing racism & colonialism – as the musqueam people mark 100 days of protest – struggling to protect c̓əsnaʔəm / the marpole midden – with the site slated for condo development –

that protests to protect this national historic site require so much time and manpower speaks volumes about the attitudes of political institutions

“the swiss psychologist carl jung talked about the concept of the “shadow”—which is the part of ourselves that we won’t acknowledge. we bury this in our unconscious mind and deny…

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