The nostalgia bathtub

Last time I rode Vancouver late with James we stopped here. I led him through the “tub” at the skatepark with assurances of gnar. I apparently failed to mention that it was high speed gnar. After I had a great ride through the zone, James followed. He did not go faster than the speed of rad and got trapped at the bottom with his bike.

He fell. I laughed. He cursed. I giggled. He tried to climb out. I tried not to pee myself.

Eventually he escaped. Now he lives in California. I miss James.


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4 Responses to The nostalgia bathtub

  1. tess says:


  2. Vancouver Doug says:

    I say post this to the “NO MORE DRUNK BLOGGING” site. Gnar be with you. I’m going to finish my biscotti and coffee now.

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