Activate the Chylomicron!

Yesterday’s end included an adventure with grilled cheese and hot chocolate.

I recommend grilled cheese sammiches pretty much whenever you want them. I think the grilled cheese sammich is substantially underutilized for adventure catalyzation and sustainment.

In case you need further (and more sciency) convincing, try this on:

While nearly all the heavy elements form in stellar explosions and supernovae, the lighter stuff like hydrogen is basically just unspent fusion fuel. Cheese has lots of hydrogen. Therefore when you are eating a grilled cheese sammich you are pretty much filling your tank with solar fuel.

Photovoltaics can go stuff themselves. I’ll take grilled cheese (and capes) any day.

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5 Responses to Activate the Chylomicron!

  1. tess says:

    Also tagged: fake science.

    • kaan says:

      pfshht. It’s practical and awesome science. A beauty of science is that doesn’t require belief in order to maintain its truthiness. This is pretty much what happens if you eat too much hydrogen and don’t activate the chylomicrons: you bascially become solar fuel.

  2. rafferty says:

    Rafferty Baker endorses this message. He was found making two grilled cheese sandwiches (or ‘grillies’) last night at about 4:30am.

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