As the FIPA fiasco continues to unfold, it turns out that the “experts” who are speaking in favour of the trade deal with China all seem to be employed by law firms that do the arbitration between nations and corporations. That is to say, they make their money when there is a dispute and they sue governments on behalf of corporations. It is becoming so lucrative that there are now investment groups that fund the lawyer fees for “arbitration” in exchange for a cut of the profits. The whole shady thing is unwrapped in a recent article on the Tyee.


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  1. Vancouver Doug says:

    AND: pickup up Margaret Atwood’s recent tweets on the subject. She links to a very concerning article in the G&M (October 22nd or so?) by an Osgoode Hall law professor who points out some very worrying constitutional aspects of the treaty. Although he doesn’t SAY it, it looks like the treaty cedes real jurisdiction to China over all kinds of issues: First Nations, provinces, the works.

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