medley of the subconcious

Last night I had a wacky mash-up of a dream. Parts of it are a bit sketchy and it is rife with incongruity. I will write the bits I remember and add commentary in [brackitalics].

The dream begins with me walking down the street near Masset [on the north end of Haida Gwaii]. I am walking near the house of Amanda. [She was a performer at an event I attended last night; she did some stand-up comedy and singing. I have no idea where in the area she lives.] As I walk by, a man arrives and knocks on her door. He wants to buy fire wood. She is not surprised by this but is busy with her kids. [I learned last night she has three kids.] She asks me if I can help her get this man the firewood he wants to buy. I happily oblige. We head behind the house to the wood pile. The wood there is too dirty for the man buying it. It turns out he wants very clean firewood because it is not really for burning. It will substantially be used in a display near a fireplace in a show home and needs to look pretty. There was something about a wine tasting that was going to happen as well. He is willing to pay extra for the clean, nice looking firewood. Amanda’s nice clean firewood is handled by NRI Distribution. [NRI is warehousing and distribution company I where I worked for many years. Probably the best place I have ever worked. However they distribute mostly sports gear, not firewood.] Fortunately, this NRI warehouse was right off the back of her property. [They have warehouses in Kamloops, Surrey, Brampton, and San Diego, not Masset.] We navigate our way through the warehouse to where the nice looking firewood is but the access is blocked by a boat on a trailer. It is a very worn and used looking fishing boat. [One of the owners of NRI used to sometimes put his wakeboarding boat in the warehouse for the winter so maybe that is the connection.] This old fishing boat belongs to may dad. I call him over to move the boat. I shout for him to come move it. [Somehow he is within earshot. Also, he died over a year ago.] My dad shows up to move the boat with an old style Volkswagen beetle. The boat trailer is the type with a fifth-wheel type connection though, not a trailer hitch connection. Dad parks the car under the fifth-wheel connection and drops it on the roof of the car. This results in no room for him in the car, but he is ready to improvise. He ties fishing lines to the steering wheel and rigs up something with the accelerator and brake pedals and then climbs into the boat. Somehow this all works flawlessly. The boat is moved, the firewood is accessed, the transaction is completed, everyone leaves satisfied, and the dream concludes gracefully.

I now open the floor to interpretations.

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