This panorama is stitched together from photos I took at the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary just east of Masset. At my back when I looked north at the ocean is a lush forest where the trees are dripping with moss. To my right (east) is the end of runway at the Masset airport.


The setting is generally one of rugged nature but there were two things that surprised me. The first was the use of the space as a good spot to do doughnuts with ones 4×4, as evidenced by all the tire marks in the sand. A large black pick-up with a compromised exhaust system was sharing this space with me as the photos were taken. The other surprise was a young woman who arrived with a bucket and shovel to hunt for shellfish in the rapidly retreating tide. She is visible near the right side of the shore. Neither of those activities would have been on my list if you were to ask me what happens in a wildlife sanctuary.

Curiouser and curiouser!

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