be the change

A good friend of mine recently wrote on her blog that as a youngster with a coin collection she enjoyed seeking out the coins from 1948 because of their scarcity. I have heard a few times that this was due to a mineral shortage coming out of WWII. Here is another reason…

Jedi Master Gandhi is responsible for your high value 1948 coin collection.

Canadian coins (and I think all other British Empire coins) used to have the letters “ET IND IMP” stamped near the monarchs head to signify that in addition to being our sovereign he was also the emperor of India. In summer 1947 India gained independence and all the dies suddenly had to be changed to remove those eight letters without the lead time that such an undertaking might usually have been accorded. The smallest denominations were done first so the scarcity increases with denomination in that year. Watch for it to happen again if good ol’e queen E dies in the back half of the year.

Now you can think of that every time someone says “be the change you want to see in the world”.


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