transformative experience

I was recently inspired by Kyle to make a change in my personal grooming choices. Kyle, of course, led by example.


I decided the best way to honour his beauty was through mimicry. The Russmore Family grooming team assembled in Toronto near the scene of a large fire likely caused by a man who runs a chainsaw on his roof at 7 each morning. This is where my adventure began.


And then the trimming begins.


The Russmore Family offered real time feedback.


First stage complete. I went without the goatee because I have boundaries. Obvs.


Then came the hair cutting. It was delicate work requiring an artists eye and a critics rigour.


After the cut was complete, a straightening was on the agenda.


And finally an accent to finish it off and distinguish me.


Big thanks to The Russmore Family grooming team: Scott, Natalie, Ali, and Asher.

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3 Responses to transformative experience

  1. Carissa says:

    HOLY EFF! Of course you would do something like that. Shit, I admire you.

  2. This is win. The grammatically incorrect use of the word win. Well done my friend. You rock my socks.

  3. Smithe St. Doug says:

    Jesus: when I first read it I thought it said the RUSHMORE family, as in “Mount…”. And I thought – how appropriate. Lots of beer etc in evidence, I see. But just for the record and seriously? I have never met you. I don’t know you. I’ve never cooked a meal for you, poured a drink for you, eaten your barbecued salmon, fished with you. You get the picture.

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