Ninja karate lessons

Last weekend in Kamloops I had the privilege of receiving ultimate awesome lessons from a pro: Carson. Many of the secrets cannot be divulged here. Some can.

Lesson one: invisibility.
Even when you are performing seemingly routine tasks, ninjas are everywhere.


They can be counted on to appear only when least expected.


Lesson two: the best moves.

I can’t teach you them as I am not authorized to do so by ninja team karate code. I will tell the names of some moves though so you know that you are worried.
1. Karate foot stub kick.
2. Karate downward fist slap.

Warning: Always practice these moves against chairs so you don’t accidentally hurt people on the karate team.

Lesson three: dynamic static disguise

The implications are both obvious and devastating.


Lesson four: night discipline of shadows


Buildering enthusiast will agree.

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