past Scotland

The last day of my first visit to Scotland was spent substantially at the museum of Scotland.

Before we went to the museum, father and daughter arranged our accommodations in York.


The museum was amazing. I could have spent days lost in there.

It was a bit surreal to find a Nisga’a pole in Edinburgh.


I remain an ardent fan of the echidna. Electro-sensing quills impress me greatly. I suggest it is near impossible to hide from a predator who can sense the electrical signals of your nervous system.


This is a picture of a platypus’s ass. Note the spike at the base of the rear foot. It has venom. I am not sure how it gets deployed in practice, but I am certain the platypus does not squat to pee.


The common name of this beast is “horrid elbow crab”. Apt.


This rock is one of the oldest bits of the earth. It is from BC.


No museum stop would be complete without visiting T-rex.


I lost myself staring at the intricate clockwork of the orrery. This one was built in 1913 and has a single set of gears to simultaneously drive all the planets and their moons.



The “life at the limits” exhibit had an amazing statue honoring Zoe the llama.


The day ended with some final enduring views of Scotland.


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1 Response to past Scotland

  1. MEslake says:

    Did they mention that llamas, due to their ‘life at the limits,’ will only give birth pretty much between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm because that gives the cria enough time to dry out before it gets too cold at night up in the Andes? Prettttty cool.

    Also this is how I feel about your museum adventure: swoon.

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