making some introductions

This weekend started with what is, for me, always been a great omen: a view of the Thompson / Fraser confluence.


It generally means a view of this follows shortly after.


This trip up the Stein valley had a delightful compliment of folks for whom it was their first time enjoying this space. Once I realized this it was wonderful watching them take it in for the first time.


I also never seem to tire of it. It has a lotta beauty.



We explored the petroglyphs and then Sara and Tess decided to reenact some of the positions described.


The piece that, no doubt, inspired the park logo was found among the images.


Miki and I found an access way to maximum gnar, but James had other designs.



Miki, having overcome the requisite trials, assumed control of the prized sunning rock.


I got lost alternately in the sky, the ants, and the water.





Others enjoyed the space more actively.




Because the valley runs east-west, the sun sets behind one peak and then returns from behind others making for a perpetual and occasionally repeating sunset. I caught one of the earlier ones, about 6:30 pm, but the last didn’t happen until after 9 pm.


The next day Thomas joined us for the hike out and then those without Monday work commitments prepared for a second night of adventure.





I expect to visit this valley bottom again this summer. It is energizing.

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