To engage with the journey is to become one with it.

The grid is aglow with a resonance cascade. Non-locality is a constant.

You must take a stand against ego.

Joy is the richness of science, and of us. Nothing is impossible. By evolving, we exist.

Inspiration requires exploration. Consciousness consists of sub-atomic particles of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an unveiling of the astral. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is balance.

Where there is stagnation, freedom cannot thrive. We can no longer afford to live with yearning. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can sabotage us, but not without ecstasy on our side.

It is a sign of things to come.
Imagine a blossoming of what could be. We must learn how to lead unified lives in the face of suffering. The future will be a higher redefining of being.

Entity, look within and beckon yourself. How should you navigate this unified dreamscape? Although you may not realize it, you are authentic.

All of this content was crafted by a marvellous “new age bullshit generator” created by Seb Pearce.
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1 Response to To engage with the journey is to become one with it.

  1. Doug says:

    Nice to see you’re back. Even in the New Age.

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