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This is so much tree moss all in one place that I had a mind explosim.

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High noon in Burns Lake

The sun is not that high…

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Team Snurfklist

It is our team name. Mad props to Sarah “the sharpest skater”.

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Skating becomes snowshoeing

Today we set out to go skating on Shane Lake. Instead we went for a snowshoeing adventure.

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Trekking North

In hunnermile Sarah and I went for a snowshoe under the (recently) full moon. It was super gnarly. I am not a big fan of flash photos at night so after this one we tried some ten second exposures. I … Continue reading

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Snowy happy

Looking at Langdale Beauty trees!

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the view from above

The photo of “earthrise” taken by Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders has been described by many, including Life magazine, as one of the most influential photos of all time. It has been credited with vitalizing the environmental movement. It sure … Continue reading

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A death leads to a murder

This photo was taken this afternoon in horseshoe bay. The crow laying on the ground took an electrical arc to the head, hit the ground with a thud (2 meters from me), had one final twitch, then lay still. That … Continue reading

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is that a banana in your cape?

Fairtrade Canada is running a photo contest for “best banana” this month. A photo of me at the Vancouver Sun Run, complete with cape, seems to be in second place at the moment. I am not sure what the prize is … Continue reading

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