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better than awesome.

A good friend of mine read this one somewhere on the net last week. How high flies the eagle And its mate Passing mountains, Puny and low Yet ramparts still. Below them myriad life In complex forms and paths Roaring … Continue reading

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FA – a long long way to go

This is a flora in the yard. Latin name bushtreeplantus greenus. Notice the fauna in the bottom left of the photo. That light dot is a snail. It is over a half metre above the ground and over a metre … Continue reading

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dinognarus ostiology

I am pretty sure this is the skull of a baby pterodactyl. The jaw hinge point is on the bottom left and the beak break point is clearly visible on the left-most edge. Too bad that it is broken off. … Continue reading

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Craft deco the shit out of stuff

First you those take a bunch If Awesome then say your Zune! Ready? Never mind updates yours.  No. Ultra for sure. Ready? Every supply ready. Than glue it. Write your emotions. And sometimes you goes it with bits. I like … Continue reading

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urban expression

A friend of mine spotted this in Fredericton, NB.

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VertFest 2012

Saturday was VertFest. As usual, it was overflowing with instant gnar concentrate. Just add stoke. This year was the sixth annual VertFest, my fourth. It has been at a couple of different mountains; this was my second time at this … Continue reading

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