First 5 km

Today was a busy day filled with research at UBC followed by meetings with Fair Trade Vancouver and then Fair Trade SFU. I finally bicycled home and discovered that $140 has been pledged so far. Gnarly.

I figured I should get this train running, so to speak. Patrick was the first to donate, so that means his 5 km is up first.

This is what I looked like before the run (about 10:45 pm), complete with dinner in hand. I specifically left my hair out for the photo after being branded as a “hair farm” on facebook.

The run felt pretty good. The last kilometer felt the best. Probably because I was almost done. Like banging your head against a wall – it feels good when you stop. It is a beautiful Vancouver night. AKA it is raining. I am certain I was in no danger of overheating. Though I am now sufficiently hungery I may be in danger of overeating.

This is what I looked like at the end (about a half hour later), a bit drippy. Now it is time to eat a real dinner. I think I heard one is supposed to carb load before a run or something. After must be nearly as good.

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